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2006 Grulla Stallion

Where did this little "Red" looking guy come from?? I know he has two Grulla Parents so what color is that ??!!!

Would you think he is a Grulla?

I wasn't so sure so after tons of debate via email and color guru's I decided to send in a hair sample to determine what Gene/Locus he carried. After all two Grulla's together can only produce a Grulla or Dun and he appeared to be neither of these.

Test are back and it says he is E/e...

Yep he is a Grullo alright....

He is now a growing boy and at age 1 here, he is all saddled up and showing his true color of "GRULLO"


His mother is a TANK as you can see below and she also carries the RARE BRINDLE coloring on her body. She is as gentle as a mouse and BIG as a ELEPHANT ......smiles

She is very light colored Grulla (silver), making it hard to capture decent pictures of her.


This is his sire "POCO ANNES PEPPY"

Pic's and info coming soon



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