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Entrance to Drive on the right - Property is on both sides.                                    Going down Driveway


Equipment Shed  / or commodity shed                                                                  Hay barn


View from top side of yard by house                                                View above the hill looking down to house

Another half hill side view looking down at old rock buildings and hay barn -  Old rock building below use to be used for dairy cows and calving barn.



Bottom field Pastures by road

Drive into bottom field                                                       


Very back hay fields

Now these are my favorite pic's - I love the river shots !!! or they call it a "Creek" here. some nice deep fishing holes and swimming holes - yippieee


These are EXTRA COOL Pic's here with the horses watering up ! I LOVE IT !!

Still collecting photos of the top side of the property but here is a old homestead house up top and the orchard grass hay field

Old rock silo tower on top part of property                                                                                                Pond on top side - only half the view of it