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A Little About the ROMAGNOLA Breed and their meat.

The Romagnola Beef Cattle are a cattle breed that has commercial appeal to the Cattle Industry. Romagnola Cattle offer the commercial cattleman ease of calving, earlier growth, good early weight gains and mostly muscle. Romagnola seed stock bulls are being used on terminal cross feeder cattle for better feedlot gains with more muscle and less fat (fat thickness of 0.35 in) at slaughter. Typical feedlot gains are 3.1 lbs/day (no implants), yielding 64.8% with a typical ribeye of 14.3 in2 and a rib/cwt of 1.68. These crosses are typically bringing the producer a premium of $85 over regional cash prices. At slaughter, 4% grade premium, 89 % of carcasses typically grade choice and the remaining 7% grades select.

ROMANGNOLA and BLACK ANGUS Crossed on Red and Black cows


I have always loved the Romangnola cattle and I have just started up a small herd with a Romangnola registered bull and some Black and Red Angus cows/heifers

"Bullwinkle" 2 yrs and 6 months old when these two pic's were taken below.

We just call him "BULLWINKLE" named by a friend of mine. (Thanks "D")


Almost 2 yrs old below                                                                            Just a year old below here


7-8 months old below


I just like taking pic's of 'ole "Queen" here because of the perfect heart on her left hip. She is one of 4 long horns that are here today.