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Have you ever sent your horse off to the trainer and the horse you got back wasn't the same nor what you expected to get back? I sure have, but NOT in this case. I reluctantly sent Twister out of state to a guy named Weston Wright.  I have had bad run-in's with trainers and I usually do it all my self but he had the cows and time to ride him where I didn't. The colt I sent out came back a STALLION (I mean that in a good way) Weston's wife Sandy was nice enough to send me these pictures of Twister the duration he was gone and they had nothing but good things to say about him.

When Twister came back he was BETTER the horse then I expected and it was good to know that Weston put him through the loops like anyone in their right mind would want for their horse. He didn't just keep him in the arena and ride circles he took him out on the range, loading and gathering cattle and doctoring sick ones too, dabbled in roping and crossed creeks as the first picture below I believe was Twisters first time out and he saw a little ditch that he just thought was HUGE -

I owe a GOOD part of this studs learning's to Weston .......well ok ....most part of his learning's.........and I thank him and Sandy for the great care and training they did with him. So if you ever want a horse trained the RIGHT way and your willing to send it to Wellington, NV then you have the good word from me that he will do it right.

Oh by the way, he says he don't like to take on studs so you may have to bribe him to do that but a mare or gelding he would love to do that for ya'.

THANKS Weston and Sandy !!!

Janelle and Twister


The next pictures were taken winter of 2008

Small change in lighting makes it hard to get good pic's of these colored horses sometimes





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