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Home of the most BRINDLE HORSES found in one pasture in the world, Guaranteed !!!

 AQHA & APHA. JustA short view of some on the Farm below




Welcome to our Farm

On our site you will find many varieties of colors, pedigrees, looks and rare colors as our highlight of the farm running several "Brindle Horses". BRINDLE Horses have a unique coat pattern with different types of colorations, our American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and American Paint Horse Association ( APHA) Horses have been bred to show off these amazing patterns ! We have kept the pedigree up to top standards along with added color of Grulla, Buckskin, Roan, Dun, Red Dun, Dunkskin, Dunlalino's etc. You name it, we probably have it with the wide variety of colored mares and stallions we own and stand here at our farm.

We have a fine selection of Stallions from Overo Stallions that have proven to sire lots of color, and versatile foals known to work and show with a world class pedigree. To a QH stallion who guarantees to sire Buckskin or Palomino. These stallions have produced some great working horses with wonderful minds, bodies, and looks. We also have TWO BRINDLE stallions one of which is finally old enough to breed for 2010
**** If you want more information on brindle horses just ask. I have slowly built up my Brindle horse breeding program and I will have limited Brindle colored horses for sale and they are not always posted on my sale page.
If you have any questions about any of our Horses or Cattle please don't hesitate to email or call. I can always send MANY more pictures and pedigrees of anything on the property upon request.

Always check back for we have foals arriving and will be adding as we go.
Enjoy your trip around the farm and have a Nice day !!!.



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